Overview of the major manufacturers of tents.

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    How to choose a tent?

    Tents Nordway

    Those who never went camping and did not spend the evening around the campfire, probably do not even realize how great it is. And those who have at least once in his life made a walk, just know - going camping need not only to collect a backpack with everything you need to stock up not only a sleeping bag, but it is also important to have your own tent. As experience shows, the band members wishing to take his tent someone else, not so much. Therefore it is better to have a personal.

    If you ask your friends and acquaintances, which is to buy a tent, it is unlikely to hear a more plausible answer than "I like this, it is cool, and you buy the same." As a rule, what is it "cool" you are unlikely to learn from the interlocutor. Therefore, most likely, the tent you still have to choose yourself. And to approach this choice worth very responsible - because the tent for a few days will be almost your home.

    Tents Tramp

    Choosing it is important to consider the many nuances. For example, will a long time camp stationed at one place or you will periodically migrate. You are going to hike over rough terrain or go to the mountains. You plan to use the tent only occasionally or permanently? And, of course, considerable importance is, how much money you have to buy. All of this can greatly affect your choice. And, of course, you need to choose a model that will reliably protect you from rain and wind. In addition, it must be ventilated excellent, have a comfortable interior space, and quickly assembled and disassembled.

    What else should pay attention to? On several parameters, chief among them - material, shape and design.

    Tents Greenell

    First - this is the material from which made the tent. If you need a heavy-duty tent for adventure travel, best to buy a tent with two-layer coating. It not only protects you from ideal rain and snow, but also create a comfortable environment inside the tent, collecting condensate drainage. Choose the model in which the awning cover and internally have some space between them. Because if these touch the tent in this place can break moisture - which, of course, will be unpleasant.

    A significant factor in the strength and reliability as a tent material, which is made of its skeleton. Considering the model, you will probably see several options framework - internal (when the arc is hidden inside the tent) and external (when boundaries tents sewn elastics that are thrown through the arc and recorded on the hook). Experienced travelers say that the tent with external frame more stable and reliable in operation. Also considered more durable aluminum frame. From inside the tent should be comfortable, light and functional. Seams should be well cooked, so that through them not leaking water into the tent. A fabric bottom - stronger and more waterproof than the awning.

    Tent Alexika

    The shape of the tent too different. They are mostly made in the form of a hemisphere or ½ rolls. The former have the advantage of a large space inside the tent, but they are less stable than a hemisphere. Whereas the opposite hemisphere stable, but with a little pumped up useful space. Choose what is more important for you.

    As for design, the first thing you need to pay attention to the input device in the tent. The surest - the so-called sleeve, but to use it is not very convenient. Most tents have a double entrance zipper. But it is important to consider one detail - such a structure can only be used in warm weather.

    Quechua Tents

    For winter "attacks" tent with this input will not work - just a metal zipper covered with hoarfrost and zadubeet. Also, choosing a tent, note that it must necessarily have a guy wire, and winter hiking trails - a special "skirt" on tilt. Another important aspect that characterizes the tent as quality - it's well-designed ventilation system and indoor space with pockets for accessories.

    And most importantly, buying a tent, just try to install it on their own in the room. If you do this quickly - most likely, and the outdoors, you quickly and easily cope with this task.



    Camping tent NORDWAY DAKOTA 4

    Trekking tent Greenell Shannon plus 4
    Greenell Shannon plus 4

    Camping tent Quechua 2 Seconds XXL II
    Quechua 2 Seconds XXL II

    Camping tent Alexika Apollo 4
    Alexika Apollo 4

    Trekking tent Canadian Camper RINO 3
    Canadian Camper RINO 3

    Camping tent Tramp BELL 4
    Tramp BELL 4

    Trekking tent Maverick COMFORT
    Maverick COMFORT

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